Sports Bluetooth Earphone S9 With MicroSD Card Supported


  • 100% brand new.
  • Stereo music + call answering
  • Easy pairing: NFC (near field communication, short-range communication)
  • Wirelessly enjoy stereo music playing and set aside to answer the call automatically converted.
    Suitable for Cellphone, iPod, iPad, Tablet PC, Notebook, and PC.
  • Charge time:1-2 hours
  • Charge power: Input 110/220V 50/60 Hz 150m
  • Bluetooth range: up to 10m

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Original S9 Sports Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Earphone Headphones headset for iPhone 6/5/4 galaxy S5/S4/3 iOS/Android with a microphone. Support SD Card

Pair to your Cellphone:
1-Need to be Off status or turn off the headset.
2-Press the button “Play/ Pause” for about 3 seconds until the blue lights start flashing quickly.
3-Turn on the Bluetooth function of your cell phone and search for the Bluetooth headset and select “SPORT-BT”.
4-Enter the code “0000” if necessary.
5-If paring is successful, “Connected” will show on the cell phone.

Power OFF the Headset:
1-Power Off: Press the button “Play/ Pause” for about 4 seconds until the blue light indicator goes off.

Charging the Headset:
You must charge the battery fully before using the headset for the first time.
1-Connect the USB charging cable to the USB charge port of the headset.
2-The light indicator will turn into red when charging.
3-The full charge takes about 2 hours.
4-The red light indicator goes out and the light indicator turns into blue when charging completed.

Answering a Call:
1-Press the button ” Play/ Pause” of the headset.

Rejecting a Call:
1-Press the button “Play/ Pause” for 2 seconds, then release.
2-Redialing the last called number – Double press the button “Play/ Pause”.

Playing Music:
When you are listening to music, you can press the below buttons.
1-Next song: short press the button “Next song”.
2-Previous song: short press the button “Prev. Song”.
3-Volume up long-press the button “Next song”.
4-Volume down long-press the button “Prev. Song”.


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